Any sale of real estate in the US requires the use of an attorney, title company or escrow company. This is part of the settlement process to convey real property. Many states require representation by an attorney vs. other states or locales, which involve a Title or Escrow company to prepare the paperwork and legal documents necessary to convey title. Local realtors, mortgage companies or relocation management firms can provide referrals to such firms, if needed.

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Larrabee, Cunningham & McGowan, P.C. - Offering a unique transaction management program that simplifies and streamlines the entire home purchase process! Our experienced, dedicated staff and attorneys skillfully coordinate the flow of information among lenders, title companies, realtors and attorneys. Contact: Russ Cunningham (Russ.Cunningham@LCMrelo.com) or John McGowan (John.McGowan@LCMrelo.com). Address: 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 930, Philadelphia, PA 19102  

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