Global Mobility or International Services

Many companies are expanding their reach globally. Different countries & different regions will have different challenges. Whether its language or cultural differences, an employee on assignment with their family will face obstacles during their stay. Language training and learning the culture of a locale will help ease some of the barriers when moving to a new country.

Cultural Awareness International - (214) 691-4113

Cultural Awareness International, Inc. (CAI) is a multinational corporation with over twenty-five years of experience in intercultural training, expatriate services, and consulting. A pioneer in the international services industry, CAI specializes in providing state of the art personalized assistance in partnership with client companies to form an extension of their in-house team. Our multinational consultants and intercultural specialists have experienced first-hand the intricacies of assimilating into a new culture, working internationally, and learning a second language. CAI’s innovative assessment and selection process, as well as comprehensive destination services and cross cultural management and intercultural programs, provide crucial and current information for those recruiting personnel, working globally, or relocating around the world.  

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