Household Goods or Auto Carrier

Your home furnishings and your vehicles are critical to your lifestyle. A van line agent or carrier must be able to partner with you regarding the planning, organizing, packing, moving, storage (if necessary) and settling in to the new residence.

Interconex Inc

Interconex Inc - 201-785-6333

Wherever you are based and wherever you need to be, Interconex, Inc. is there. Interconex, Inc. has been in business since 1969 which shows a multitude of experience and excellence providing household goods moving, move consulting, and global relocation assistance. Interconex, Inc. is the world's most dynamic household goods freight forwarder thanks to the high quality service given by our multi-cultural staff. To remain dynamic, our focal point has been on the unique capability of household goods moving. That means that you get relocation expertise with a focus. And through our own global standard you will receive the highest level of moving service anywhere in the world. If compromise is not an option, Interconex, Inc. is the solution.  

The Suddath Companies

The Suddath Companies - 908 803 7354    888 614 7271

Suddath is a diversified group of domestic and international service companies specializing in worldwide corporate employee relocation. Moving your family and valuables, whether internationally or within the US can be stressful.It requires great care and understanding from a trusted company to smooth this process. Suddath are the experts, in customs requirements, overseas shipping methods, international packing and more. Relax and let us handle the details. We take care of it!  

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